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Might want to ask good old

Might want to ask good old Mike why he voted no on H.R. 6684 on Thursday. This bill which passed along party lines added additional cuts to spending on top of what is already called out in the automatic sequester. At the end of the day it’s the excess borrowing and spending, 48 cents of every dollar spent that will end up destroying this economy. Spending is and always has been the problem; any reduction in spending should be welcomed. Maybe these so called political leaders on both sides of the aisle will finally address the third rail of politics, entitlement spending. Mike is also wrong on SS and Medicare, Medicare for example faces 60 trillion in unfunded liabilities through 2075. Mike knows this and knows that SS needs to be means tested to ensure long term future benefits. But like all of Congress, he along with most congressmen including the hero of the right Paul Ryan will not be honest with their constitutes. While I doubt any real discussion in curbing entitlement spending will occur since congress can keep kicking the fiscal can down the road for awhile. Mike needs to answer if he really is this independent thinking blue dog we all heard about why did he not supported additional spending cuts?


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