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Scientific Observation

When I drive over the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge and look towards the NC State Port, all I see is bulkheads, old docks, ship "junk" yards, huge waterfront oil storage tanks, and the Wilmington State Port.

Ask yourself this, what environmental attraction does this waterfront area promote? Would you visit this area? Would you live in this immediate area? How many restaurants, communities, and hotels are located in this area? Who would go fishing in this area? Would you go swimming in this area? Would you eat fish and oysters harvested from this area?

NOW, ask yourself this: WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER THIS AREA EXPERIENCES FLOODING? Gas/Oil is 2 pounds lighter than water .....This area will be ONE HUGE WASTELAND after a significant flood. It will take centuries for the environment to equalize. This contamination will migrate up and down the Cape Fear River impacting all beaches and towns along its path. It will remain in our vicinity due to tidal "Ebb and Flow".

AND, If you believe what the North Carolina State Ports Authority published regarding "job creation", I challenge you to do your homework. Tell me how many jobs where created in NC in the past 2 years? Tell me the financial status of our state? Tell me if shipping traffic has increased or decreased at our State Ports? Tell me how many people you know that gained employment at the NC State Ports in the past 5 years? (READ THE REPORT by the NC Port Authority)

IN CONCLUSION, look at the aerial image showing this area of the Cape Fear River:

When the Cape Fear River floods, where will all this hazardous waste go? Take a look at this photo for a VISUAL REPRESENTATION of the results expected:



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