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I agree - but keep in mind what is and whats not an entitlement program. Social Security is not an entitlement and does not play ANY PART in the deficit. IT is currently solvent and still takes in more than it pays out. It will need a boost as the last baby boomers retire but this is easily accomplished, not by raising taxes, but by broadening the base to which the Soc Security tax is applied. Right now income above $125K is not taxed for Soc Sec. Increase that to $250K and the problem is solved.

As for Medicare - means testing will help as will increasing the eligibility age to 67 - but I wonder about this. The last 2 years of your life are the highest levels of Medicare use -- so a person who is 67 uses far less Medicare than he does just before he/she dies. It's that old death panel thing again.
But the CDC and other outfits are correct in that programs like Tricare (military HC bennys) and Medicare are the most efficient means of providing health care to many people.
Its a tough subject.
I have already proposed several other spending cuts and consolidations that could be done, however until such time as BOTH sides get real about things we won't see any improvements.



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