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VOG, you disappoint me

You of all people know how government works.

Newly elected officials normally have a window of time, when first inaugurated, when they have the best chance to initiate some action plans and lay out, to the voters and legislature, what their agenda will be. And remember teh Legislature was controlled by the Democrats during her first 2 years.

At the Federal Level, I believe it is referred to as the First Hundred Days.

She left on an out of country vacation during her first 30 days in office. What was more important? Setting her administration's agenda or taking a trip? Sorry Vog, but that was a very poor plan.

And she compounded it by notifying Little Walter by memo and not leaving him some actions he could take, on her behalf, while she was gone.

That's poor leadership.

She made her California trip in 2008 or 2009; we saw the results in 2012. BUT, why did she not take the State or Wilmington based heads of the Movie Lobby with her? I raised those questions at the time of her trip. Who was better able to lobby the movie industry? Who knew the right persons of influence to call on? Bev, who had never been to Hollywood or the Department heads who interact with those folks on a regular basis.

Again, poor planning and por leadership.

Who always cries the education song and the need for more funding when the state is nearly broke? And who never hesitated to raid the Education Lottery fund to balance the budget or fund some non-education pet project?

Poor planning and leadership.

Who accepted Federal Stimulus money; used a portion to advertise all she was doing for the state; allowed the approval of things like the upgrades for the State Bug Museum; and which state had 12 of the 100 worst uses for Stimulus money as reported in a US Senate Release? The state of NC was a laughingstock for the media as a result.

That was stupid use of Federal money which could have been used for roads or infratsucture repairs. How many jobs were actually created by the $850 Million of Federal funds?

Who allowed the Secretary of Commerce and his little cadre to travel to some Air & Sapce show in Paris, at least twice during her administration; and did not require him to travel to Germany to lobby for the tire plant which went to SC. The SC Governor and a whole staff made the trip; identified exactly what the German owners werte looking for; and they got the plant and all of the jobs.

You are right, the economy in 2008 through 2010 was not kind. She should have thought about that when she planned trips and allowed the waste of available funds.

But, play the Devil's Advocate. List one positive thing she did that benefited the state and its citizens.

Ball's in your court Vog.


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