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I knew George personally and

I knew George personally and last saw him on Christmas day. He could be a nice guy but I know firsthand that when he became intoxicated, he could quickly become unruly/unpredictable to outright violent. There's much more to the story of what happened that day & night. The events started early that day and apparently George began drinking very early and stirred up trouble at a couple of places he had been that day. The Police were involved before things escalated at the residence. From my understanding, Al wanted George to be taken somewhere to dry out overnight before he could come home because he was concerned that George would become violent while still in a state of intoxication. For whatever reason, that concern went unheeded. From the Police report and evidence, George came back home and began violently breaking glass out of the front of the house(to how great or lesser extent isn't clear). For all anyone knows, George may have been in a blind rage and intent on harming his brother when he opened the door. If that's the case, the headline of this story could just as easily have been the opposite of what we've read here. I'm also of the understanding that George had been previously involuntarily committed for mental issues. It's tragic but I believe Al acted in self defense given what is known.


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