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2 beers and a dinner gets nobody arrested!

Evidently you've never lost anyone to the brainless actions of a drunk driver. As far as I'm concerned if you have to have your 2 beers, stay at home to have those as well!

I personally witnessed another Walmart fool last Friday night. Carrying a 12 pack through the meat section, he was two steps sidways and one forward. I stood back and watched as he lost his balance and fell flat on his drunken butt in the middle of everybody. I continued to watch. He checked out without a problem. Walmart sold the drunk more alcohol even though they had his inebrieated behavior clearly visible on the 5,000 security cameras that nobody watches. He exited the store in his stagger and I followed him and watched him get into his car. He dropped his keys 4 times and dropped his 12 pack trying to unlock the door. This gave me the time to call 911. I sat back, watched him get handcuffed, arrested and carted of to jail for what will only be a few hours. This man couldn't walk, talk or even open the door to his car due to being so drunk. I may have saved his and/or someone elses life by calling him in. Walmart didn't do what they were supposed to. I did and I'll do it again.
Personally, I'm sick and tired of hearing about the deaths of innocent families and children due to the total irresponsible behavior of a sniveling drunk.

Now...go have your two beers and enjoy. I'm watching.


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