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Since you are so righteous

Since you are so righteous you should have been with me today at 11:00 am going down 211 to southport, approaching the St James light 100' from the intersection an old driver pulled right out in front of me making a right turn, oblivious to the world, turned that into a 3 lane section in a millesecond, neither him nor his wife still have a clue, they seem to think they own the world, would not have cared less if their actions had have killed a family, point I'm trying to make here is NC is so engrained in feel good reactions they fail to recognize the real dangers on our highways, .08 is not near as dangerous as incoherswent, brainless drivers, on a side note, does handicapped stickers mean physical or mental, because if it's mental they don't need to be endangering our highways!!!!!!


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