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Get Rid

Get rid of the assult weapons. No one needs an AK-47, AR-15, M-4 Carbine, or any other weapon that was designed as a military weapon. If you need 30 shots to bring down a deer, the you do not need to be hunting in the first place. Also you should not be able to buy ammunition over the internet. This is how that fool who shot ou the theater in Colorado got 6000 rounds no questions asked. They regulate cold medicine more than they do bullets. Quite frankly there has been no talk about the government going door to door collecting guns. There has been talk about making it so people with mental illnesses can not get permision to have a weapon of any kind. In NC a person who is a convicted felon gets 5 years with no parole for having a weapon. That does not deter them from having and using guns to commit crimes. I personally believe any felon found to have a gun should get 25 years with no parole, that would have a profound effect on crime, because then thye would be off the streets forever. The NRA, and the Republican nuts want you to believe the cops are coming after you, and that is a load of crap!!!!! If something is not done to get rid of military weapons in the hands of untrained civilians or nut jobs, then we are going to have many more shootings like the one in Newtown. Wake up people stop using the 2nd Amendment as a way to be stupid.


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