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Let's use our brains...

It's time for Americans to use some common sense, and a bit of intellect. First lets cover the 2nd Amendment... probably the most out of context piece of legislation over the past 200 years. The 2nd Amendment states that the country has a right to a well regulated militia, and an individual right to bear arms. The last part is what gun owners cling to argue they have the right to bear whatever arsenal they can afford to assemble... Many gun owners have countless firearms because of this thought process. They read this last part and take out what fits their objective leaving out the meat of the amendment and it's intention. The 2nd amendment was constructed in a period of time when the newly founded United States of America did not have a proper Army to defend it's citizens from foreign threats, thus the amendment passed to arm able bodied citizens so they could defend themselves.... That's what the whole 2nd amendment was about. It was never intended for it's citizens to own semi-automatic weapons which could fire 4-6 rounds per sec. at a velocity of 3,000 ft per sec. it was not intended for citizens to be able to purchase firearms, and ammunition over a internet in a secondary market with zero background check. We have created this epidemic over the last 200 years by not amending the 2nd amendment as our culture changed... Does anyone else not feel it utterly stupid that we live under laws catered to the 18th century... Do we not have the mental faculties to adapt our laws to our evolving culture? My last point is this, being a veteran I can tell you with 100% certainty that there is absolutely zero use for AK-47, AR-15 type weapons in the homes of our neighbors, family, and friends. The people who own these guns have not received the proper training to be capable of responsibly owning such a destructive device. Don't forget these weapons are the device of choice on battlefields... They should be illegal to own, and they should be turned in immediately. That's a start. For the individuals who say it's not the gun it's the people behind the gun... Lets examine this statement for a moment... What is the only thing you can effectively do with a gun? ... Shoot a bullet out of it. You also say it's not the gun but the person behind it... well lets look at that... Only .07% of individuals who apply for gun ownership get denied... So your telling me that 99.93% of American Citizens applying have the mental capacity to own a weapon and we can't limit the weapons meant for battlefields because that would be "Unconstitutional"...???...??? You can't take a 200 year old piece of legislation (taken out of context), and pair that with the ability to own war machines, and hand them out legally to 99.93% of the population who wants them... I'm sorry your incapable of proper intelligence if you think otherwise.


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