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You make it sound like the NRA runs this country. THEY DON'T!!!!!! The NRA should be branded a terrorist organization. They spread this crap about how the government is going to raid our homes and take our guns which is about as far from the truth as it can be. No one needs an assult weapon that was meant for nothing but killing people. As stated in other posts the 2nd Amendment has been perverted over the years, and taken out of context, and every NUT hides behind this thinking they should be able to own every weapon known to man. People who are mentally ill should not have a weapon of any kind, and there needs to be a way to check and see who has a mental defect that would prevent them for owning or even posessing these weapons. Also felons who are caught with any type of firearm should be locked up for 25 years with no parole that would ensure at least this group of criminals would be locked away and off the streets. Also gun and ammunition sales over the internet should be stopped cold. How many more children have to die before people wake up and push the NRA out of the way, and take control of our country away from the NUTS who seek to destroy it.


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