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Leroy you aren't the only one needing a strong dose of perspective... I have heard many people make this claim, and the only conclusion I can come up with is you need to step out of your self importance and look at the big picture.The President & his family have armed security because he is our leader, commander in chief... If we are going to elect an individual to office and bestow upon that individual the responsibilities that POTUS has we better make sure we give him adequate protection because otherwise we would be replacing Presidents every week from assassinations. You are not a target... The POTUS is... See my point. You also misinterpreted the POTUS by saying he said we don't need armed guards... What he said was it is not feasible. Take one of the largest counties in our state Mecklenburg... It would take 2 million dollars a year to place well-trained armed guards at every school in that county. And by doing so you still haven't thwarted the threat... Look at Columbine they had armed guards at that school the day of the shooting, but there was nothing the guard could do... the shooters studied the guard and made sure they used an entrance the guard wasn't attending to... You forget schools have numerous exits and entrances... Are we to pay for armed guards at every entrance/window? Your talked hundreds of millions of dollars per state! All so the gun owners can have their toys (assault rifles)... I think not.


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