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You are obviously not very well educated and extreamily liner minded because most of your above statement has no concept of the fact that our founding father's put the 2nd amendment in the constitution so that if tyrants like you ever get elected into public office and started i don't know, over taxing us, oppressing us, taking any of the liberties that we are guarantted by our birth right as american citizens,.....yeah the 2nd amendment is there so that if a person like you ever got elected and tried any of that communist bull crap we could shoot you on the spot because we swore as citizens to protect and defend our constitution from all enemies and especially dommesticated communist enemies who should be thrown in prison for even daring to attempt to suggest that our rights be stripped away. Shame on you! I wish I knew where your mother was buried so I could spit on her grave and curse the day she gave birth to such an anti-american snot nosed communist punk like you. Get heck out of our Country,.....people like you are scum go spread you cancerous left wing propaganda somewhere else you disgusting little brat!


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