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You liberal brainfarts try

You liberal brainfarts try to take biased statistics and your logic and try to turn it into reality.. The second admendment was not meant for hunters to keep their deer rifles as Ed Rendell seems to think. Or half of the gun grabbers seem to think we should just own muskets as to when the era of the 2nd admendment was wrote and that is not the case. We are to be armed the same as the government minus the fully automatic weapons (ORIGINAL ASSAULT WEAPON)! they took care of that in 1936 which there is still a few handfull of people that due have them legally but its a long process to get. I own an ar-15 it doesnt jump out of my window and shoot somebody. It is no different than my bolt action rifle or my handgun i carry on a daily basis. ar-15 ak-47 and any other semi auto rifle, shotgun, or handgun, is NOT an assault weapon IN THE RIGHT HANDS OF A LAW ABIDING CITIZEN! It is only deemed so when a individual uses a gun in the wrong manner. Then it doesnt matter what type of weapon is used. Anything can be used as a weapon. Why do you sheep have to segregate one type of weapon. If you dont like it dont buy it. Way i see it. If you want to question me why i bought one only thing i can tell you is its none of your business. It was my choice. Just like me buying a chevy and you buying a Prius. The second amendment was not written to pick what guns we were allowed to have. And a little of intelligence for you John an ar-15 is not a battlefield weapon. They are meirly a look alike do not function the same. Go google it. But if our crooked government ever decided to take our rights away it would atleast give us a fighting chance. Im one that will not stand and lose my rights as a free law abiding citizen. I dont depend on my government and somewhere along the lines people have forgotten that or have had to much smoke blown up where the sun doesnt shine. I think any politician that took an oath to uphold the constitution and trying to change laws as they see fit on any amendment should lose there jobs. Every law they pass to control us does NOTHING to stop the bad in this world, everyone say this with me BECAUSE CRIMINALS DONT CARE ABOUT LAWS! You go after the source! Not the tools and not the innocent. I will agree with you on one thing though. It is too easy for somebody to obtain a gun. I cant say for myself because my name or ssn is close to an individual with a record so im delayed for hours to a day. More stricter background checks and mental illness checks need to be improved. Private sell needs to be done away with and loopholes at gunshows need to be addressed and thats it. That would be a start and local law authorities need to look more into convicted felons in there area to see if they have weapons illegaly. Almost all crimes committed with a gun were criminals to start with, mental and stole a gun, werent legally allowed to have one in the first place. There is alot of cases of self defense cases and justifiable homicides this year from people legaly carrying you just need to look for them considering it doesnt meet your national telivised news channels agendas. There is your common sense brother!


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