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so if...

So what happens if we end up in a situation where our government turns tyrannical? Or if our homeland gets invaded? Do you want to be defending your homeland from invaders with a bolt action 30-06 deer rifle that will only hold 5 shells? I dont. I think that's a good enough reason for me to have high capacity, high fire rate, semi automatic rifles. As for the tougher background checks, I totally agree. Hell, if it were my way, anyone who was trying to buy a weapon with a capacity higher than 10 would get a full psychiatric screen plus the background check.
On a final note, I've got several ar15s and ak47s, and if I had to choose to get shot with any of my guns, it would be one of those. The bullet would go straight through you with a low chance of fragmentation. That is how they are designed to perform. A .22 is wayyyy more dangerous in terms of lethality.
Looking forward to your response


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