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We should be able to own ANY

We should be able to own ANY type of firearm because of our 2d amendment rights? Bazookas? RPG's? Anti-aircraft? Any caliber? You may as well say we all should have the right to drive our cars at whatever speed we want, and anyone who wants to drive slower better just get off the road. People with these ideas are not dangerous. People with broken brains and ridiculously easy access to highly efficient, well designed and effective killing machines are dangerous. No hunter in his or her right mind is going to hunt with a bushmaster rifle. We have no more need for these than we do for personal armoured tanks or anthrax. If we had the stomach of Australia, which I doubt because paranoia and fear is rampant here, we would be able to reign these 10,000 murders and 15,000 suicides in and still keep farmers and hunters and law abiding citizens happy. How many children have to die every year for us to feel free?


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