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Wow Ronnie your a very angry

Wow Ronnie your a very angry person... Tell me when was the last time a convicted felon committed Mass Murder? I'll answer that one for you... It's never happened. So there is no detection as to who would be a threat! You have to realize as a responsible gun owner as you claim to be that certain guns should not be available to the public, to limit what these undetected evil individuals may do... Can you imagine the carnage that would have unfolded at Columbine High School if those two young men had access to a modified AR-15 With a muzzle designed to fire at a velocity of 3,000 ft per sec. and the capacity to fire 4-6 rounds per sec such as the AR-15 used in the theatre shooting or Sandy Hook? A lot more people would have died. But since this happened during an assault weapon ban they were not able to acquire one... read their journals... they tried!! See the point now?


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