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An assault rifle because of its muzzle velocity can shoot through walls and windows of schools. If a guard with a .45 or 9mm stepped out into the open against an assault weapon that guard is toast.
Assault weapons with 30 round clips have no purpose in the hands of John Q Public - especially when those very same gun owners do NOT secure those weapons from those that could get at them - due to psychological break down or just plain being a demon.
Columbine proves that "the shooters only pick on gun free zones" is wrong. Armed guards at schools provide NO ASSURANCE against someone with an assault weapon who is hell bent on killing kids.
Think about Alderman, Pine Valley, and other elementary schools right here in town. Single story, large windows........
Our "trust" in our local schools systems to protect our children is now shattered - and our children are too exposed. Do we coop them up in bullet proof buildings?
I want to think that America is better than that - that it's more secure.
But you restrict assault rifle sales and 30 round clips you can minimize the damage. IF lanza had a 9mm semi instead of the Bushmaster that principle or the counselor may have gotten to him.
But before we have this debate lets ask ourselves a question.
I believe we should see the crime scene photos from CT as gruesome as it sounds. When one sees the damages caused by weapons of this kind it leaves an indelible impression.
I'm sure the NRA would join me in this recommendation (NOT)



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