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So you think one election means you can now...

operate like a totalitarian system? I guess you forgot the election earlier this year when you lost the Wisconsin recall and of course, the Republicans gutted union power in Michigan of all places? You also got your clocks cleaned in the Amendment One vote here in NC and a similar vote occurred earlier in California of all places. While on the subject of NC, where my vote matters tremendously, this is a state where the Republicans have a super majority in the General Assembly and a Republican Governor. I guess you've also forgotten that a third of the federal government - the House of Representatives - comes out of districts where votes like mine matter and we are the majority in the House. Another thing the lefty simpletons don't seem to realize - the presidential election came down to 370,000 votes in swing states. You're by no means an overwhelming majority. Oh, I voted for Obama in 2008 so forget any delusions you have that people like me no longer matter. There are plenty of us who've frequently jumped around the ballot and don't vote based on a blind ideology.


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