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Somebody did it

This was avengement for the Riots of 1898 in Wilmington, the more recent murder of Henry Marrow in Oxford, NC, and disgruntlement over school desegregation in Wilmington which turned Williston Highschool into a junior high. The Civil Rights Movement brought on more militance as the Burn Baby Burn mindset swept across the country, paralleling anti-Vietnam war protests, a general anarchy that permeated many cities, a terrible time in this country. Somebod(ies) thought setting fires across the city of Wilmington would achieve their goal of punishing the city for perceived injustices; the New Hanover County Schools Administration building, Mike's Grocery and more, terrorizing Wilmington citizens for 9 months and longer, leaving one man shot dead in broad daylight, two unarmed Pinkerton men shot dead in the halls of Williston School which was the epicenter of youths rioting throughout the 1970-71 school year as well as in other schools who were led by out of towners who came with the purpose of exacting revenge and yes, achieving notice for themselves. Notice they got, but the wrong kind they say. People may claim innocence in life and people may believe it because they think it couldn't have happened the way it did, but happen it did. Some of us who were there know just how bad that war was. We suffered but there is no justice for us or the dead. Those somebod(ies), nobody has ever said who, took revenge into their own hands, but "Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord". Those somebod(ies) will answer to the Lord God Almighty in the hereafter. They know who they are.


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