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The pardon of the so-called Wilmington 10 comes as no surprise to me. You can't do much in return to somebody that has nothing to lose. I too lived through this era in Wilmington, and i clearly remember the tension always increasing in High School and in our town whenever Ben Chavis was due to arrive. Like many others who have already commented I too know that someone committed these crimes, and i would like to see the case re-opened before our history is changed forever.
One of the memories i will carry with me all of my life is that of those black children who were taken out of the familiar surroundings and schools and forced by their parents and others to move to what was then all white schools. Some of these kids were beaten on their way to school and on their way home. Many of them were harassed during class. But, they persevered. Many of these people are doctors, lawyers and very highly regarded citizens all over the world. Why do the people who commit crimes always get the NAACP'S attention, and not those who have worked hard and have endured many hardships?
It is my understanding that the author Tim Tyson is going to write a book about the so-called Wilmington 10. He seems to be a very intelligent and honest man. I only wish he would write a book about those blacks that have done wonderful things with their lives, and not the criminals and terrorists such as Ben Chavis.


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