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Yeah, They RECANTED~

...for the sake of their own health and safety. And, most likely because their family regained their "common sense" before they lost their own life.
"Just say you lied, and we won't have a molitove cocktail thrown thru our livingroom window again this evening during Walter Croncite"

Get real, Sympathizer!

They were scared out of their wits for their lives, most likely. When these riots were going on here in Wilmington, they were going on elsewhere in America. Hey Pittsburghers, Chime in! Remember Oliver and Allegheny High School? Schenley, Allderdise, Langley.... I could name every public high school in the burg.

I lived through them and I was so freaking scared of the riots in my high school that I DROPPED OUT of High School in 1972 when I was 16 years old. I was a strait A female student who had my high school years destroyed because there was bloodshed at our high schools because of rioting in the streets of major cities that began in 1968.

Gov. idiot must've dropped out in fifth grade to be this damn stupid. THANK Goodness for Pat Mc Crory and the Republicans in the North Carolina House and Senate. Maybe now there can be a recall on this stupider than stupid Pardon. Ohhhhhh!


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