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Tom do I have to say this?

Is racism rearing it's ugly head?
"They were black and rioting so of course they were guilty"?
"It was a scary time and everyone was afraid of the blacks"?
"The Prosecutor was white as was the jury so they had to be right"?

"We shouldn't be pardoning ANY blacks for race riot stuff"?

Is THAT what this is all about?
Yeah the questions may be uncomfortable - but is that what's going on here?
I served with a very diverse group of men. We all shared the same common denominator - we were all afraid of dying. Because of this we forgot about black, white, Jew, Catholic, Polish, Lithuanian, gay, straight - we were soldiers. WE had each other's backs.
At a very guttural level we came to the realization that we were all equal and that the only way to survive was as a team. This was the most powerful anti-discriminatory time in our collective lives - and I believe we became better men because of it.
So when I see stuff like the Wilmington Ten Pardons? I breathe a sigh of relief in the hopes that these stories somehow ease the pain caused by past discrimination. When I see the pardons being questioned - I have to wonder if all the vestiges of discrimination are really gone?

That's why I agree with Perdue - if the evidence is "gone" or was wrong to begin with these folks should have NEVER been convicted in the first place.
I'm too damned old to worry about being wrong about stuff like this - from what I've read Bev deserves a pat on the back.
So be it.



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