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This whole thing is

This whole thing is ridiculous. Yes what the Bullard girl is doing is wrong and yes something should be done but numerous amount of times has the Porter girl put herself in situations such as these. Although this time she may not have, in the past year she has been in so much drama, told people to meet her at a gas station to fight, and has had disrespectful and bully type statuses on facebook. Also, just two nights ago her mother was calling another adult out on facebook in a bullying way. I guess the apple DOESN'T fall too far from the tree. Both of these girls parents need to control there own children and learn how to make respectful woman out of them first and maybe things such as these wouldn't happen. This whole ordeal is pure ignorance and these two girls should both feel horrible about themselves starting drama at someone's sons grave!! Maybe that should also have been mentioned. This isn't the first fight between the two at someone's grave!


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