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I am Jessicas mother.No

I am Jessicas mother.No jessica is not perfect and yes she makes bad choices at times but she is a teenager and she is 16.Yes she does have drama,what teenager doesnt.I never said a word about having her father fired or did I put down law enforcement.I have some friends in law enforcement and they have been very helpful but there is only so much they can do that the law will allow.Courtney assaulted Jessica the first time on Feb 2 at a convenient store just before school was taken in.Her father and I had a meeting at the school that morning.Although he was very rude to me.We thought the situation was handled.then in April she gets on fb bragging about beating Jessica again and this time she was gonna put her in the hospital.I made a call to her mother at that time.On the night before this last assault Jessica was with 2 kids who she thought were her friends and they stopped by a friends grave for his birthday.There were kids partying there and doing drugs and Courtney was there.My daughter told them she didnt have time for that bull crap and had to go home and the kids got mad at her and called her "disrespectful" because she had a curfew and was trying to make her friends leave.The next day those same "friends" set her up and lured her back there so Courtney could beat her up.yall have not seen the whole video,only what the news had shown,In that video she is telling her that she is beating her because Jessica was "direspectful" because she said she had 4 minutes to be home and tried to make her friends leave.Really??? She beat my child because she could and that was her only excuse.I am upset because I there isnt a whole lot I can do to get these kids punished for this.Courtney got her charges and after being told a week and ahalf there was nothing I could charge the others for I was told I could charge 2 of them with aiding and betting.It took law enforcement 3 days to get Courtney served,not the next day,Her parents plainly said they werent gonna help her this time but her daddy went right on over there and bailed her out.Greg has been rude to me and my daughter and has tried to place blame on us.he tried to hinder me from talking to the sheriff when I called up there because he answered the phone.The Sheriff was rude to me when I tried to talk to him and told me that COurtney actions had no reflection upon that dept and that courtney was "grown" and didnt live with her parents.Courtney DOES live with her parents and drives a car that moma and daddy pays for.I have been getting alot of neagative feed back but thats ok.Jessica is MY child not yours,I guess if they had killed her that day that it would have been ok too huh?? So dont put down my child for something she had no idea that was gonna happen.


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