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People that have went to

People that have went to school with both of these girls know that what has happened is no where near bullying. Ones that go to school with these girls knows that both girls stay in the midst of the drama and have been in multiple fights because they wanted to and started it. Not to mention these girls have been drinking and doing drugs at that grave of their friend together! If I were Jessica's mom I'd be ashamed of myself putting this story up when she knows her daughter stays in trouble. It's very suspicious also how Jessica always fights back in every fight she is in except this one. Seems like a set up to me. Also, Courtney is 18 meaning she is an "adult". Her parents can't really have control over her since technically she is legal. Let's not blame the parents in this situation although it seems they did a horrible job raising there children but let's blame the girls who did all this to themselves. Sheriff or not he is still a parent. And also, using excuses for her doesn't change the situation. No matter what Courtney and her family are going through she should have been a classy young lady and be grown about the situation. I don't feel sorry for either girls. Like I said the people that have went to school with both these girls know the story that the parents and outsiders don't see.


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