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The one thing that stands

The one thing that stands out for me here is the threat to kill if papers were took out..."I will kill you". I wouldn't put anything past people today. Regardless of past altercations this should not be ignored. From what I read these girls have a history of not being nice to each other, so that makes the threat a real possibility. I truly hope the deputy father doesn't ignore that. It seems that parents today think they are doing the best for their children by getting them the best of everything but thats just ruining them. I dont know these girls personally and I do not have children in public schools. I teach them at home: and people will tell you I have respectful, polite, considerate children, not just because I homeschool but because they are told no and taught to respect and raised in church to love and fear God. Church today has turned into another place for children to meet and socialize. The house of God should be respected and while we are on respect...What kind of disrespect is it for the dead or his parents to meet on his grave doing the same things that helped put "her brother" there in the first place? What would it do to all the parents involved for one of you to die on his grave? Getting high on your friends grave is no way to honor anyone you call brother...Parents teach your children to submit themselves to God first raise them in church and they will have no problem submitting themselves to your authority..its time for parents to stop sparing the rod and spoiling their children. Sometimes when kids are bullied they react by picking on someone that are weaker than they are and if this is happening then realize you are no better off than the one doing the beating..Stop the cycle


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