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I am a Bladen County parent

I am a Bladen County parent who has a teenager who has been around this group of teenagers. My kid has had problems with drugs recently, does that make me a bad parent that he chose this path. I question myself daily on where did I go wrong, why did I not see this before it got out of hand. Yes I guess my kid has been spoiled. But never has he learned to abuse drugs or alcohol from me or his dad. I have tried to monitor his activites when he is not around us. We have taught him to own what you do wrong and tell the truth. I see these girls heading down the wrong path also and mostly likely drugs and alcohol is involved. If either of the parents don't believe its true. I challege you to just have them drug tested. Mrs Porter I do not believe that your child should have been abused as she was on the video believe that. The drug problem in our county today with the teenagers and young adults is so huge that if something is not done we are going to lose more of our children. The young man who's grave that the fight occurred at was taken from us to early and I pray everyday that I will not lose my kid at such a young age as he. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is such a taboo subject you never want to believe your child may have these problems but pride and denial can only cause more heartache. Resources are out there to help these kids and young adults but they can't do it alone. The kids in our county who are effected come from all walks of life have money, are less fortunate or have been raised to attend church regularly. It does not matter how well you raise your child this can happen to any of them. Some of you who read this will say not my child but you might want to consider it could or maybe your child right now.


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