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Do not expect parents to

Do not expect parents to call you and tell you that your child is in the wrong or doing something they don't needs to be doing when it is NOT THEIR CHILD nor their responsibility. If you knew when, where, and what your child was doing AT ALL TIMES then you would not have to worry about mess like this happening. Yes I understand these are teenage girls we're talking about but we were all teenagers before and tried tricks in the book so let's not be so ignorant to fall under the games of your child. They will make mistakes but after being in high school for a year or two and this is one out of many fights and situations this child Jessica has been in then it's time for the parent to step up as a parent and realize that your child is in the wrong! The parents are to blame for this incident because they have no control over THEIR kids. Both these girls are your typical rebellious teenagers that have accomplished to snow their parents in their actions in lifestyles. These girls hide from their parents very well their "other life" full of drugs, drinking, and sexual relations with any guy of any skin color. (No racism intended either) Jessica just hides her separate life better than the Bullard girl. This isn't bullying. This is just another example of two teenage girls fighting because they are both ignorant, love the drama, and disrespectful. And for those who comment saying this is bullying you obviously are not from Bladen county and if you are I'm sure you're on the side of one of the parties or you're not aware of the past of both these girls. I'm all for stopping a bully like but both these girls are bullies, one just got caught on camera before the other did. The little girl from Chadbourn, that was a bully story that was to make the news and change ans make a difference but this ignorance, is nothing but people trying to get money I'm sure or just put attention on themselves. And if you cannot handle comments on this website then refrain from looking on it. You were the one to put it on the news for the world to see so you need to be grown and deal with the punches negative or positive because again you wanted the world to see this SO DEAL WITH IT. In life people are NOT gonna always have your back nor will they agree with you. That's life get over it.


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