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Ignorance at it's finest

All I see is about how bad of a bully Courtney Bullard is and all the bad things she does. If she is so bad then please tell me why the mother of Jessica Porter allowed her daughter to be around such a bad individual in the first place. Seems like some bad parenting on her part. And the mother can say all she wants about her daughter being "bullied" but in all actuality her daughter is just as much of a bully. Go read her facebook statuses or ones she has commented on and you will clearly see where this so called victim is threatening others saying "I'll beat you up if you keep running your mouth" Is that not bullying? And her mother continually appears to be ignorant to the fact that her daughter is is notas innocent as everyone thinks she is. Check her background out, see how many times this "victim" has started fights with others and bullied them. Next time you put up a bullying situation article make sure you get the whole story and not just a pissed off kother's account.


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