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You are missing the point!

You are not even on the same page...everyone has done things they are not proud's called growing up. This is about conduct beyond making a mistake. It is a CRIME, in the USA to assault a person, male or female, mad or not, and this girl needs to learn some self control before it's too late. Nobody is saying the redhead is perfect, but what the other girl and her friends did was criminal.And that's where it all starts. Nip it in the bud! However, sounds as if it may already be too late! If I saw my child beat another person in that way, just because of words, I would tear them up myself...and they know it! It's called parenting, teaching your child the boundaries. Doesn't mean they won't cross them, but they will know not to come running home and expect their parents to defend their actions. Courtney's parents need to hold her accountable for her actions, along with the legal system. This will follow her for the rest of her life, especially every time she fills out an application for a job, and she has to put she has a record. The worst thing we can do as a parent is sympathize with her behavior to our kids instead of using this as a teaching tool of consequences.


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