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I think it is very funny to

I think it is very funny to see all of these immature people that do not know anything about the story, except the news part, comment and talk about either of the girls and the parents. I laugh even more when people comment and say things like "little piece of garbage" which commenting that would be cyber-bullying and you come on here to talk about the issue of bullying. I think that if you were involved in this you need to stay off here and quit commenting on everyones comment to make one side look worse than the other, and if you don't know anything about it you should keep your comments to yourself because you're making yourself look very immature and manipulative. Also, if you are an adult I hope you are mature enough to make rational decisions about talking about other children, because you may be in Deputy Bullard's shoes one day getting crap for something people THINK he is and do not KNOW FOR SURE. I do not know anything about this incident i just happened to see this and get disgusted by all of the comments that some people have posted.


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