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Courtney Bullard

I recently saw this story and the video. I think it's sad that the mother of the girl that DID NOT EVEN FIGHT BACK in the video felt the only way she could get help for this problem was to go public on the news. If I were to meet her I would hug her and tell her how proud I am of her for making people aware of this bully and protecting someone else's child from her. I could care less who Courtneys parents are or what they do for a living. The fact is that she is a bully and a coward and apparently has fear of Robin or she wouldn't have needed a video camera and a clan of followers to come with her to ambush Robin. When reading the comments on here it is quite apparent as to who is a parent and who is just running that pie hole for no reason besides to have a say so and make themselves feel better. I can almost see them posting their comment then getting on the cell phone(that their parent pays the bill for most likely)and telling Courtney," You should read what I just posted!) If Courtney only gets probation or a fine it will only prove the fact that many have already stated...Courtney is a spoiled brat that has been made to believe she is above the law due to her fathers "rent a pig" position and her mothers fear of her own daughter. It's people like this girl that we read about in the paper that got some friends together kidnap the person that has pissed them off and taken them to a graveyard and beaten them and burned them alive. In the video she not only spits on Robin(assult) punches her for no reason,...Robin NEVER once raised a hand to her(assult AGIAN)...and threatens her life (communicating a threat).....over....well from what I could understand Courtney saying between punching this girl,looking at the camera and mumbling nonsense to make herself seem more convincing....her brother or something. From what I understand Courtney doesn't even have a brother!!! Go figure!??? Now all you others out there that want to run around pointing fingers and saying Robin deserved this and she should learn to keep her mouth the video...the only person on that video guilty is Courtney and whoever was a willing participant in the luring and video taping. Courtney made sure SHE was seen committing the crimes listed above and she made sure more than one person saw it. Apparently she wanted to be punished and knows she will face judgement so let her proud little self take her sentence like the woman she wants to act like with her head held high.The sad fact of all of this is in the end.....we are talking about little girls that don't know the half of what life is all about. If Courtney gets away with this it just gives more little girls out there the incentive they need,want and desire to become bullies in years to come. I wish Robin and her family much luck and I wish the Bullard family some guidence.


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