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bullying in school

Schools just dont take responsibility like they should, and why aren't they taking proper steps to prevent future incidents?
BEFORE I SAY ANYTHING ELSE I WANT TO BRING ATTENTION TO THE FACT THAT NO SCHOOLS EVER SEEM TO POST ANY LINKS ON THEIR SCHOOL HOME WEBSITE that explains what to do or who to contact. When u engine search the topic, everything provided for parents is done so by non-profits, bloggers, and opionated people. To these people i just mentioned, Thank you, because your speaking up on behalf of these kids. Our schools would rather we think, "yes, bullies may be an existing issue, but not at our school," than actually describe potential dangers and warning signs and who to contact.... Nothing on the schools end really comes abroad, unless a child commits suicide, then they are talking their way out of a corner. The true issue is they are not starting at the source. Child services and the school district should be communicating under the same investigstion. Deciding why such hostility resides in these kids, and why the lack of empathy. Mental evaluations wouldnt hurt either. Someone please tell me why this particular school faculty members havent been held accountable, they did nothing and the problem obviously escaladed. My father was a cop most of my natural existence, retiring after over 20 years and retiring a cook county detective, in the rough streets of Chicago, and yet my father would have never spent one second covering up nothing. We were taught, you never take the first swing, but if someone puts their hands on you, then you hittem back as hard as you can. I never picked on anyone, i cant help but think something lies behind this bullies anger. Something pyschological, this seems almost classic case of an ashamed victim would eventually grow to become. My son would lead me to my most recent experience with bullies. My oldest, now 9, was only 6 when he met his bully. Truthfully, my son would come home often disorienated, or at a loss for words. What seemed to be, was certain things that my son would get in trouble for, like his homework crumpled up, he tried saying aother kid did it. But because my son was known for stashing homework, i didnt notice until his 2nd grade year, when my younger son would attend school with for half day. Right in the beginning of the year, my son had on a pair of brand new shoes his grandparents got him. He came home the first week, and i went to move his shoes from the door way when his shoe started trying to talk to me. The whole front end rubber bottom had been completely peeled up, his shoe looked like it had a mouth. When i first questioned my son he was up front and honest. But the more questions i asked the more it sounded like he was lying. He didnt know the kids last name, and I couldnt catch the kid at the 2 bus stops. Well one day it was raining and i allowed my kids to take my umbrella, the second he stepped off the bus i could see the thing was mangled, completely destroyed, when he told me who did it, i approached other kids to validate this child and find out where he lived. Thinking i could speak to his folks, but apparently his home was unavailable, his parents picked him up by car at the first of 3 bus stops. So i went online to see what the school offered as far as help for situations. Nothing, no where online, and it was my understanding their bus driver was hip to everything thst happened, but does nothing. Let me just say, you may not agree with my decision, but attending their harvest festival that year, we weren't there but 10 mins. I was actually standing behind my son when this plump, husky, mischivious grinned boy began walking up behind my son. Yes bigger in size, i beoieve about a year older, he tapped roughly on my sons back and shoulder. I started to look around the kid in hopes of finding his parent but just his little posse was there. My son seen the kid then immediately looked at me, and the look on his face told me it was him. So I stepped in between the two and made my presence known. I said, "so your so and so, im his mom" "where are your parents?" The look on the kids face was enough to let me know he knew i was not kidding. I let him know if you have a problem with my son, then your gonna have a problem with me. I told him my son isn't afraid of you, hes afraid of me, and gettibg into trouble if he gets in a fight. I told him if he ever puts his hands on my son or my kids things, my kid has my permission to knock the hell out of you. And my next move will land me on your front door to claim the money for all the damage youve cost me, I will have a reciept for your folks. I will be totally honest, my son may have been smaller, and thinner but he constantly rough houses with his uncle, my brothers friends, his bigger cousin, i knew my son could of handled his own, but im glad he wouldnt have to experience having to defend himself, so early in his childhood. Im glad to say this boy would never make as much as a comment to be rude. He was actually nice to my son until the day we moved. The sad part is, this bully clearly suffered from some type of family related issue that was causing him to target someone he figured couldn't put up a fight. A younger smaller kid reassured him he would intimidate my son, but here that wasnt the case. And when he realized this could result in his folks getting involved, it was definitely a different reaction. He lowered his head, and I knew the problem fell deeper than our eyes can surface. I hope that kid doesnt get failed by our school system, wake up to the self absorbed teachers who are so sick of kids at the end of the day, they dont bother to report the warning signs. Its your job, otherwise, why should we care whether they cut your pay, we dont have to speak up, but we do, but in return, do the same for our babies.


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