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To reply to your awful statements

As a person who has grown up in the area, attended both private and public school in Wilmington, and now is employed through the NHC school system, I must disagree with you. When you consider No Child Left Behind, which basically subcategorizes races, ethnicities, learning abilities, and other demographics, Urban Cleansing initiatives going on throughout the city which are moving out the lower-middle to poorer working class blacks and moving in the new generation of whites (example: Downtown), AND the bussing arrangements being revised constantly, it is not happenstance or a carelessness of words when one speaks of the resegregation of schools. Just think about how many blacks live where you live. If there are many, are they families, and if so, then you should find out just how they maintain their lives, the adults and children. I guarantee you they are doing twice as much to hold on to the equivalent of what you have, and as for the districting and resegregation of schools comment, the whole purpose of the school board's constant change is because of this issue. So you should really do more research, and be more openminded and conscientious of the world around you. Racism still exists EVERYWHERE, and it's just a shame that there are still people like you who choose to brush it under the rug, who feel like there are more important things in the world, and who are in DENIAL that it is an issue of TODAY.


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