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You need to get out of that mentality

You are not a Victim. Plain and simple. You said, "I guarantee you they are doing twice as much to hold on to the equivalent of what you have", "Racism still exists EVERYWHERE", but the scariest statement, talking about you "who now is employed through the NHC school system", Mam you are not a victim. Sad part is that you have been told all your life that you are. The first two statements are staight out of the Victim Mentality Playbook (DNC). Bussing has never been a good idea. Why you would take a child out of his neighborhood to make him go to school just because he is a certain color of skin is the saddest method of Racisim there is. I grew up here as well, grew up 3 blocks from Alderman Elem. and was forced bussed to Snipes. Why? because I was White. But the comment you made about " Just think about how many blacks live where you live." What does that have to do with any of this. Nothing. People in this country can live anywhere they want. Those day's are over. The only thing that has not changed is this victim mentality of yours. I grew up, went to school , moved on with my life ,got a job this pretty much sounds like yours as you described above. So why the hard feelings Ms. Hankins. Because somebody keeps telling you there is a problem. Open your eyes and take a good look at this world. Look beyong your hate filled, vengeful and victimized eyes. You will never advance with that attitude.


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