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This is what happens

When the pet projects, or the political ideologies on both sides get threatened.
The DEMS are mad because they feel Obama capitulated and could have gotten a better deal.
The GOP is mad because taxes are going up
And now they're pushing spending cuts down the road (again)
This is so wrong on so many different levels.
Why did McConnell insist that Biden be involved? I know that he and Joe are friends but now it looks as if the Administration solved the problem.
Then we have the House which did not take up the bill because they WANTED taxes to "administratively" go up so that they could claim they cut them - just to maintain their ideological purity.
And now we'll have a debt ceiling fight after the GOP and the DEMS agreed to raise the ceiling 74 times in the past with no problems.
Shoot, even Reagan raised taxes and guys like Bob Dole expanded Mediare.
Americans want discussion from their politicians and they want negotiation - but they insist upon compromise.
Just where the heck is this country heading?


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