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Where are we headed?

"Just where the heck is this country heading?"

>On the same path as Greece Vog...on the same path as Greece. Obama is as inept as Jimmy Carter was as President. While the "official" market basket of goods and services doesn't include food prices, we're already seeing inflationary pressure there. The purchasing power of the dollar will continue to spiral downward. Interest rates are being kept low in the hope that it will spur economic development. It hasn't...and won't.

Until the tax code is simplified and all people pay income tax, those of us who do will continue to subsidize those who don't. There's something wrong when an individual who pays no income tax at all can get a refund due to the various tax credits they get for having kids.

Unfortunately, the spendaholics in DC see every "new" dollar as a reason to spend it and not pay down our national debt.


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