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where are we heading?

Geitner has already announced the Treasury Department will take "administrative and bookkeeping" steps to forestall the impact of the Debt Limit. By his guesstimate, there is a 60 day window of time which can be used before the crunch hits.

They failed to take any acttion on spending cuts in areas like long term unemployment, entitlement spending (and I do not include Social Security or Medicare when I talk about radical spending), nor did they enact legislation which would have forced the Feds to stop using the Social Security trust fund as a short term source of money to balance the budget or fund frivilous entitlement programs.

I was pleasantly surprised to read that McIntyre voted NO. Maybe he got the message concerning his new constituency base.

Conversely, I was disappointed to read Burr joined with Hagen in voting Yes. I guess he didn't get the message.

They can only kick this so far down the road.

We could be another Greece. Even worse, we could be pre WWII Germany where it took a wheelbarrow full of German marks to purchase a day's worth of food for a family.

We could become a nation of survivalists or we could see our Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren facing the reality put upon them by a Government which could not control spending.


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