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Here we are with a bill that will cost $3T over a decade according to the Congressional Budget Office. In the Senate McConnell had to reach out to Biden and the deal they reached included tax increases on the rich, tax increases on ALL Americans (payroll tax cut expiration) and spending increases on pet projects from both parties - including extending farm subsidies not just to dairy farmers but to soy and other crops as well.
So - on the Senate side the bill crafted by the GOP/DEMs included increased taxes and increased spending and all but 8 Senators approved it. The GOP dominated House passed it "as is".
So - who do we blame for this travesty?
Sure the buck stops at the presidents desk - but this was VERY different. This was a joint effort by the GOP Senate leader and the Administration and the House had a very clear and easy path to block the legislation. The earmarks added came from both parties.
The old adage of "the more things change the more they stay the same" seems to apply here.



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