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Glad to see

Our two local pandering politicians voted "NO" on this deal.
I would have ended ALL the Bush tax cuts then done across the board cuts that were deep enough to create a slight surplus.
This is easier - MUCH easier and allows Dept Heads to figure out how to do it - which puts the onus back on the Administration so to speak.
Now the problem becomes the debt ceiling.
It has been passed 74 times with bipartisan support.
Through Reagan, George HW Bush, Clinton, George W Bush and Obama - through Republican Congress and Democratic Congress. There is absolutely no reason to dig in your heels now - unless you believe that it somehow damages the President. This then brings up the issue of are they playing politics with it?
OF course the real issue here is politics and the bizarre way the parties have framed their arguments over the years - from claiming social security was an entitlement and added to the debt (It's not, and does not add to the debt) to we have to protect the poor (from?).
There have been some very good suggestions just on these blogs alone to help reduce spending.
The problem seems to be Washington - and BOTH parties. Both have their pet projects or pet ideologies.
The first thing Americans should do is insist upon term limits. The second thing would be to eliminate all contact between politicians and lobbyists. The last thing would be campaign finance reform so that no one group or individual could influence the elections.
None of these things will fix whats wrong but they would go a long way to help....


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