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Death of a nation

"Lawmakers completely blew their deadline and didn't get the grand bargain ... But both Democrats and Republicans gave themselves credit for getting something done"

- And their excuse for blowing the deadline was ... Well, actually there is no excuse. Maybe they shouldn't have taken a holiday break. Lots of people don't take a holiday break because they have essential jobs to perform. I guess our congressmen didn't think their job was that essential. You know, saving our country from crises and all of that boring stuff.
- And the thing they're giving themselves credit for getting done is ... Essentially, kicking the can another twenty feet down the road instead actually getting anything really done. Reminds me of some of those extreme progressive schools of the 70's where it didn't matter if little Jonny got the answer wrong on a math quiz, it was really about how he felt about the answer.

(Excuse me while I step away from my keyboard for a moment and throw up!)

Our government is in a death spiral. We pay these people obscene amounts of money and benefits (and they control how much to give themselves) to govern our country and all they do is wait every night in the national news conga lines to spew out some sound bites. Meanwhile big business gives them billions each year in bribes for beneficial legislation and Congress writes the laws that justify that as well. Legislators get paid, big business gets paid ... We get screwed.

The ONLY way this will ever stop is if limited terms of office are instituted and the lobbying laws are drastically restructured. Only Congress is capable of making that happen but they're not going to change a damn thing because all of them like it just the way it is. They're laughing all the way to the bank on our dime ... then back to their overstaffed offices ... then back to the bank again. It's not just obscene, it's obscenely obscene!

Like I said, ""Death of a nation".


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