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The only reason "I LIKE

The only reason "I LIKE MIKE" mcintyre, voted against it was as before, he knew it was gonna pass and it would make him look good, also there wasn't a big blank check he could grab up and run around town with his name on the signature line, Mike, we're on to you, good try though! If Mike really wanted to make a difference he could be deporting ILLEGALS like his campaign speechs, he could be pushing to put senators and congressmen on social security and medicare instead of their golden parachutes they now have, and this could be retroactive, he could also be pushing for cutting out all foreign aid and withdrawing all support form the UN, after all we provide the money and muscle to keep that orgaanization running, no Mike, sounds good, but as long as you have been in Washington it's easy to see thru the fog, nice try though.


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