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1.2 trillion in savings

Mr.T, 1.2 trillion dollars is a vast amount of money, however, it is like a drop of water in the ocean in comparison to our 16 trillion and growing debt. Can you tell me what the 1.2 trillion dollars in cuts you say the President put in place are? Money that is borrowed isn't a savings. Once you put it on the Credit Card of China, it's there. You see, once that money is spent, you owe it. By the way, President Obama is just as much to blame as Congress, neither have the good of the American people at heart. I haven't seen any leadership out of him, all he has done is point fingers at everyone else and tell them to fix it, that isn't leadership. The Sequestration was put in place by a Congress led by then Majority leader, Nancy Pelosi, to force a vote on Republicans to raise taxes. They have basically held the Military and others as political hostages for the last two years to get President Obama's tax increase. They played it perfectly. They knew they could make it so poisonous, the Republicans would have to vote to raise taxes in order to save the Military and middle class, and ironically, blame them for the Monster they created. This is politics at it's worse, all that matters to them is the power grab going on in Washington, DC. The American people are sick of the out of control spending! We are broke...and no, printing more money doesn't make us wealthier!


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