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For once

Mr T I have to agree with you.
The GOP and in particular Boehnner and the President had the opportunity in the fall to come to a grand agreement and didn't.
But it goes further than that.
For well over a decade the Bush Tax cuts were justified by the GOP mantra of tax cuts are stimulative and you increase revenues that way.
Now the GOP is saying tax cuts have to be offset by spending cuts because cuts themselves don't increase revenues.
In today's You Tube/C-Span world many of your words come back to haunt you (Ask Romney about he 47%).

Now we have the debt ceiling that has been voted on and approved by both parties 74 times since Reagan - through 3 GOP Presidents and 2 Democrats. Through Dem congresses and GOP congresses. It was approved by Gingrich, Pelosi, Hastert, even back to Tip O'Neil.

And now we're "stomping our feet"? I wonder of they'd be doing this for a President Romney?



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