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Get a grip haters!

Some of these post are hilarious and i cant hold my tongue anymore! When it comes down to it, right now sweepstakes are shut down because the state cannot regulate it to make money and that's the main reason, yes? YES! I hope they will reopen with new software as I've played the games with the new software already and seems to work for me. And then i get to see the many, many people that I personally have met in these places and they will be back to work and patrons as myself will again have somewhere to go to have fun and congregate with the numerous people that they have met and call social friends. I have personally seen all ages and races in the sweepstakes parlors and have not seen any problems like some of you speak of. Its a place where you can ask about their spouses surgery or how's their children doing, you get my point. Yes, there are going to be very few places that are like you speak of but they are few and far between. Local police can shut those down. For those of you that have a problem with the sweepstakes parlors and don't agree with it, DONT GO! If someone is irresponsible enough to spend their rent, food, bill money, etc. before handling their responsibilities, thats their fault and no one else's. Not everyone that drinks is responsible but they still sell alcohol on every corner. Theres BINGO halls everywhere and people are still spending money to make money. I am far from wealthy but if I want to spend some of my extra money playing these game, I should be able too like anyone else. Don't patronize people for spending THEIR money the way they want. The moral of the story, you don't need to judge everyone playing sweepstakes when a handful of people are not responsible enough to do so. Get a grip Haters!


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