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AGREED 100%. They say it's

AGREED 100%. They say it's making the poor poorer and its addictive. Right! I don't see no one trying to shut down Las Vegas or Atlantic city. A casino just opened up in Maryland. All selling alcohol, and people gambling. The lottery used to be once a day, now its twice a day. and you put millions out there to intice people to play, lol. if that lottery is not making the poor poorer as they say, nothing will. No one is making people go to the internet cafes just like no one is making them play the lottery, but it's out there for them to do but they have a problem with internet cafes. I don't get it. If no one can see that the concept is the same then their are a lot of blind people. The ones complaining can't make money off of it. If it was regulated, nothing would be said. SMH... They put liquors stores out there, and know some people have drinking problems, They put cigarettes our there, which are very addictive and deadly just like liquor, but they let them sell these in the store, and sell wine, beer in regular convenient stores. COME ON MAN! JEEZ.....


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