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I think that it is absolutely rediculous that Berger is claiming to be "not guilty" when we all know a BLOOD TESTS don't lie!! Not only that but in this artical, Berger ADMITS that he had 3 beers and a shot ALONG WITH HIS ANTI-DEPRESSION meds....which taking those alone will get you a DUI if the med is strong enough. Knowing him and his issues and his drug/alcohol problem, it is more than likely strong enough to make it unsafe and illegal to drive while taking the meds. Good Job Berger for screwing yourself on that one!! Will this DWI make him loose his job? I know that if I got a DWI, my job would be gone. One more thing, doesn't his position require drug tests? If so, why would he be taking pain killers? If not, why the HELL does his job not require drug tests?? He should have been let go (ressign or not) a long time ago when he started showing up late everytime. He is irresponsible and unprofessional!! Just had to get my two cents in...


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