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Remember our glorious past with Terry Sanford?

I am so sorry to see Beverly Perdue leave office. I was in school when Terry Sanford launched a sales tax to take NC education out of a miserable situation. My brother and I, from blue collar parents, both were able to go to college; he became very wealthy and i became a teacher. After years out of the system, I taught for a year in NC public schools 5 years ago. Reading is what I taught. To 10th graders. What? Can't read in the 10th grade? Oh well, what difference does it make if we can frack for gas and destroy the quality of water, etc. or bring in Titan and destroy our rivers and air and...You are deceived if you think that education is not important; if our environment is not important; if our health care in not important. But we can eat cheap food that makes us obese and then get medicare to pay for our bloated bodies; buy our needles for diabetes as we waddle around criticizing those with a vision of a healthy population. But then, lack of education means that people do not think; they repeat sound bites supplied by politicians who were bought out by corporations which are simply interested in money. Greed is not a result of education. It is a result of a lot of uneducated, ignorant people who vote for politicians who are smart enough to keep them ignorant and not realizing that the wealthy depend on the poor and ignorant voter who somehow still thinks that it will somehow result in his getting rich himself. But I give up. It is the age of greed and ignorance and because Beverly Perdue has the interest of your children in her mind and heart and you criticize her is just ample proof. Why don't you tell us about your 'education?" Oh, that's right: you just did.


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