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Here is a perfect example of a 50 year old child! Growup already

I have written a rant about these life long losers who claim to be adults simply based upon the high value numbers of their age . This is so wrong. Age does not make a man or a Woman . Your actions, manners , and self worth valued by how hard,long and far your willing to go to simply succeed enough to fund your expenses and wives and childrens also if you have them. These losers are leaches on thier parents for the entire lenth of life they share and the sad thing is they are happy with just getting by off of someone elses money for bills and habits are funded thru any money swindled,stolen or begged for from family, other losers with more wealthy parents or bigger government check (handout) and all who cross paths with these losers will have to try and avoid feeling sorry when they try to con you and lie to aquire some of your money. I simply say to all you and you know who you are . You may never call yourself a man or Woman for by definition and style of life you are children still and forever Losers. Allen.


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