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Like always I really wish

Like always I really wish WWAY would report the ENTIRE story. Whiteville was upset and becoming more frustrated at the huge lead North Brunswick had. Their players became more volatile in their playing. At one point their players were rude to North's cheerleaders. And clearly the video shows the "football tackle" of a foul Whiteville committed against the North player. And then the Whiteville player, after tackling North's player, fluffed up flexing his muscles and mouthed off to the North side like that was some great accomplishment. A single water bottle was thrown (not 2 like Star News reported...who wasn't even there!) and the bottle did NOT hit Whiteville's player. Both sides of the gym were mixed with fans; we sat on North's side with Whiteville fans behind us. So who knows who actually threw the bottle. Plus some of the shots of the "erupting fans', particularly the white woman holding the black woman back, was Whiteville's fans...not North's. We encountered those parents as we were arriving for the game so that's how we know that. Yes, it's an unfortunate incident for both schools but it is not as one sided or out of control as the media has made it out to be.


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